2. The rise of the professions in twentieth-century Mexico.

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David E. Lorey

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UCLA Latin American Center Publication University of
California, Los Angeles

232 Págs.

ISBN: 0-87-903-257-X

Año 1994

A University system does not operate in a vacuum, but rather is fundamentally shaped by the supply of jobs for professionals. The creation of employment positions at the professional level is in turn related to at least two other extremely important phenomena: social mobility and political conflict.

The data development in this study allow us to analyze the relationship between trends in university graduate (an their fields of study) and trends in employment opportunities for professional in Mexico. How has the market for university graduates development over time? What do patters in the evolution of that market indicate about Mexican economic development?

This new edition presents revised updated data for the analysis of some of the most important themes in Mexican historiography. For the first time we can approach questions such as the pace of historical social mobility from the inside, from the perspective of people trying to make their way into the Mexican middle class.

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